Electronic Tag – RapID Tag

Product Details

Allflex RapID tags are National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) compliant for sheep, goats and alpacas. They come in strips of 20 tags and are available in 9 highly visible colours.

Allflex RapID tags are an electronic identification tag that meets both the NLIS and Agriculture Victoria Standards. The RapID tag has a wide range of print options to suit different farmer requirements.

NLIS compliant tags for livestock with a Victorian PIC number must be purchased through the Department of Agriculture in Victoria; Call 1800 678 779 or visit their website.

To order please visit your local store or contact us for details on the store closest to you.

Features and benefits

  • Unique swivel action stem to aid in the reduction of infection and assist in quick healing.
  • High-quality Radio Frequency Identification transponder built into the stem to maximize read distance.
  • Available printed to suit your identification purposes with alpha and numeric, one and two-line printing options.
  • Printing available on both the male and female sides.
  • Limited colours are available and are based on ‘year colour’, please check availability.
  • Please check individual sate requirements for colour regulation.

RapID Tag

Allflex RapID Tags

76mm (W) x 14mm (H)

  • Available printed to suit your identification purposes with alpha and numeric, one and two-line printing options.
  • Printing available on both the male and female sides.

Colours available

*This colour representation may vary in real products


Applied using the RapIDTagger® and RapIDMatic® applicators. For application instructions including tag positioning, please download the instruction sheet under the applicator’s webpage or contact us.

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