Visual and electronic livestock identification solutions and intelligent management systems.

Cattle Tags

Allflex is a world leading provider of visual and electronic identification solutions for cattle. Our Electronic Identification (RFID) cattle tags are National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) accredited. Fast and easy application with different applicators to suit your preference.

Sheep & Goat Tags - Allflex

Sheep and Goat Tags

Our range includes electronic sheep tags that suit a broad range of farmer preferences and production systems. Our NLIS accredited RapID Tag is our premier EID tag for sheep and goats and offers fast application.

Pig Tags - Allflex

Pig Tags

We have your pig identification needs covered with two electronic tags to choose from along with the Littermax visual tag. The printed LitterMax Male tag is an approved NLIS pig tag option when applied together with a LitterMax Female tag.

Applicators - Allflex


Allflex offers a wide range of applicators specially developed for use with Allflex tags and tissue sampling units.

Allflex applicators make the application process go smoothly and quickly, with safety and comfort for both the animal and the operator being our priority.

Readers - Allflex


Our Allflex identification tag readers enable efficient easy tag reading. Our readers are used by farms, feedlots, saleyards and abattoirs to contribute to the traceability of the entire Australian supply chain.

Tissue Sampling Unit - Allflex

Tissue Sampling

Allflex tissue sampling units are an easy to use and cost-effective way of taking DNA samples from the ears of cattle, sheep, swine and other species.