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Shane McManaway Tagging Sheep
Shane McManaway, CEO of Allflex Asia Pacific, working on his property in New Zealand

Allflex Australia was established sixty years ago to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers. They continue to lead ID technology innovations for livestock industries worldwide.

Following the acquisition of market leader, SCR Dairy, Allflex can now also deliver advanced animal monitoring & intelligence solutions; enabling smarter decision making through measuring the reproductive, health and well-being status of individual cows.

When it comes to identification, with more ear tag companies entering the NLIS, electronic and visual tag market, you may be asking yourself which brand to buy. In Australia, Allflex RFID cattle tags have been accredited to the highest NLIS standards since 1999, and are also the tag of choice for almost all the large pastoral companies in Australia, as well as throughout the supply chain. Saleyards and abattoirs have widely recognised Allflex tags as superior in their operations.

Allflex has the largest field force of any tag supplier in Australia, with eight Area Managers located in rural areas around the country, to provide field support when you need it. This is backed by our very highly regarded customer service team, who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the best service and support available.

Claims are being made by some new entrants to the market on retention rates and guarantees. Allflex stands behind their products, with the largest sales and customer service teams of any animal ID company, they have systems in place to support you.

Allflex are strong supporters of rural communities, youth and industry initiatives all around Australia. With a long-term commitment to the livestock industry, they are passionate about providing unique and innovative solutions, that will ultimately improve long-term profitability and sustainability.

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