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Allflex Milk

Previously Protrack® Milk. Allflex Milk sensors provide live results for milk yield, solids, fat, protein, conductivity and lactose for each individual cow.

Measuring milk yield, solids, fat and protein

Results and alerts can be viewed on your smart device or an optional touch screen.

When combined with Allflex ID, milk results are automatically matched to each animal, or you can manually assign them using your smart device.

Identify any animals or piece of equipment with a problem including: dirty cups, split liners, blocked jetters and air admission holes.


  • Accurate, real-time production information
  • Identify your best and worst producers
  • Optimise feed efficiency based on milk results
  • Increase production and profitability
  • Monitor plant and wash performance
  • Review cow/herd history to make real-time decisions


  • Rotary and Herringbone
  • Compatible with Allflex ID and Allflex Feed systems (Rotary only)