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Wireless Synchronisation Box

(Model NX-WSB)

Product Details

The NX-WSB Wireless Sync Box is design to eliminate cabling between reader systems to stop reader interfering with each other. This system uses RF Technology and GPS to synchronise readers to ensure no interference occurs. The system includes viewable LED lights to indicate when the device is the controller or receiver, in sync and has RF and GPS signals. It is also built to withstand the harshest of conditions and no user input is required once set up.

Primary features

  • Designed for synchronising two or more NX reading systems
  • No cables required between systems
  • Utilising RF technology and GPS
  • Highly accurate
  • Duty cycle selectable

Industrial Readers Team

Chris Richards - MSD Allflex Australia

Chris Richards

Commercial Manager – Industrial Readers

0477 326 125

Sean Hampson - Allflex Australia

Sean Hampson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

0416 006 470

Daniel Carson - MSD Allflex Australia

Daniel Carson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

0488 044 018

Luke Godfrey - MSD Allflex Australia

Luke Godfrey

Equipment Support Officer

0488 744 158