Single Walkthrough Reader for Sheep and Goats

(Model NX-SWR)

Product Details

The NX-SWR single walkthrough reader is specifically designed for the reading of large volumes of sheep single file in a saleyard, feedlot or processor environment. It is built to withstand the harshest of conditions and reads EID ear tags and rumen pellets. The NX-SWR has high visibility LEDs that indicate when the reader is turned on and in operation and includes a high-contrast colour touchscreen NX-M Databox which has the unique ability to create data templates that can be customised to suit specific requirements. It comes with its own power supply and is compatible with all current software packages capable of storing EID numbers in real time.

Primary features

  • Fast accurate read rates
  • Low baulk design
  • Can be used in lane or ramp
  • Stores and sends to PC, PDA, or Tablet
  • Compatible with all major software
  • Stores up to 1 million tag numbers

System includes

  • NX-M Touchscreen Data Box (steel enclosure optional)
  • Tag manager software (downloadable)
  • 5m serial data lead
  • Power supply with noise filters
  • Steel framework included

Industrial Readers Team

Chris Richards - MSD Allflex Australia

Chris Richards

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Sean Hampson - Allflex Australia

Sean Hampson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

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Daniel Carson - MSD Allflex Australia

Daniel Carson

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Luke Godfrey - MSD Allflex Australia

Luke Godfrey

Equipment Support Officer

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