Electronic Tag – NLIS Super Maxi + Button Combo Matching Management Set

Product Details

Allflex Matching Management Sets offer a combination of a visual tag matched to your National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) device and trayed as a unit for convenient application. They are most commonly used for cattle where a visual tag is also required in addition to the NLIS approved tag.

The NLIS Super Maxi + Button Combo contains a Super Maxi Female and Button Male Visual Tag and matching NLIS breeder/post breeder (EID) Female + Do Not Remove Male button.

For more information or to order please visit your local store or distributor or contact us for details on the store closest to you.

Features and benefits

  • Bucket files are available to be downloaded for your herd management purposes. 
  • The convenience of a trayed combination eliminating the need to ‘match’ these devices at a later date. 
  • One applicator to apply both types of tags reducing equipment costs. 
  • Traying reduces the risk of lost tag pieces. 
  • The management number on the visual tag can also be marked on the NLIS tag (up to 5 digits).
  • The property name or brand/logo can also be printed on the visual tag. 
  • Customised matching management tags are also available to include your name, company, logo, brand or any other information you may require.
  • Multiple combinations of NLIS matching management sets available with different sizes of visual tags available.
  • Also available trayed with Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) in our NLIS Matching Management Sets with TSUs.

Australian Year Colours

2022 = RED, 2023 = BLUE, 2024 = BLACK, 2025 = WHITE, 2026 = ORANGE, 2027 = LIGHT GREEN, 2028 = PURPLE, 2029 = YELLOW

Colours above repeat on an eight year cycle. Post Breeder = ORANGE (Please note, the year colour guide above is not compulsory when tagging cattle)

Colours available

NLIS Super Maxi + Button Combo Matching Management Set swatch


The Allflex UTT3S®, UltramaticTM, LazaMatic® or Identiplier® applicators can be used to apply both the (NLIS approved) electronic cattle and visual tags. The Allflex TSU Applicator is used to take the tissue samples for the TSUs. For further instructions please download the respective applicator instruction brochure or contact us.

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