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Hook Pellets

(Model NX-HP)

Product Details

The NX-HP Hook Pellets have been installed in many leading processing facilities and provide complete data integrity, from the kill floor through to the boning room, and to the load out.

Each hook contains an embedded EID transponder which has a unique identity. The hooks are uniquely designed to withstand abattoir conditions from impact to chemical resistance, as well as the ability to withstand the high temperatures encountered in the cleaning process.

Primary features

  • Embedded EID transponder
  • Built to withstand abattoir environment

Industrial Readers Team

Chris Richards - MSD Allflex Australia

Chris Richards

Commercial Manager – Industrial Readers

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Sean Hampson - Allflex Australia

Sean Hampson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

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Daniel Carson - MSD Allflex Australia

Daniel Carson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

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Luke Godfrey - MSD Allflex Australia

Luke Godfrey

Equipment Support Officer

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