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Allflex NX-M Series

Product Details

High Reliability

Proven, industrial-quality readers built to withstand harsh conditions and exacting performance demands.

Extensive Capacity and Connectivity Options

Wide choice of configurations offering memory capacity up to 1 million tags and a choice of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as options for USB and serial data connection.

User-friendly and Modular

Featuring an advanced user interface, with a high contrast touchscreen and LED indicators.

The modular design enables easy upgrades and system expansion, protecting the original investment as needs change.

Industrial Readers Team

Chris Richards - MSD Allflex Australia

Chris Richards

Commercial Manager – Industrial Readers

0477 326 125

Sean Hampson - Allflex Australia

Sean Hampson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

0416 006 470

Daniel Carson - MSD Allflex Australia

Daniel Carson

System Installation & Support Technician – Industrial

0488 044 018

Luke Godfrey - MSD Allflex Australia

Luke Godfrey

Equipment Support Officer

0488 744 158