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Abattoir Wand


Product Details

The NX-RSSW Fixed Abattoir Wand is designed for processors wishing to manually read EID devices of animals during pre- or post-stunning on the kill floor. The NX-RSSW comes with its own power supply with noise filters and high visibility LEDs indicate when the reader is on and in operation. Standard wand length is 500mm with a 150mm handle. The NX-RSSW has no storage as the information is sent directly to a computer as the tag is being read. The system is built to withstand abattoir conditions.

Primary features

  • Designed to read EID in an abattoir environment
  • Compatible with all major scales and software
  • Ability to create data templates for data entry recording
  • Reads all ISO 11784/11785 compliant products
  • Sends EID numbers direct to computer

System includes

  • Tag manager software (downloadable)
  • 20m serial data lead
  • 10-amp Power supply with noise filters

Industrial Readers Team

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Chris Richards

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