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RapID® Tag New User Offers

*Terms and conditions
NEW RapID Tag User Free applicator offer
Allflex Australia Pty. Ltd. “Allflex” is giving producers the chance t o receive free RapID Tag applicators
(RapIDTagger® and/or RapIDMatic® “Free Applicators”) subject to purchasing minimum volumes of RapIDTags:
Offer 1: Purchase 200 Allflex RapID Tags to receive 1 RapIDTagger applicator
Offer 2: Purchase 1000 Allflex RapID Tags to receive 1 RapIDTagger & 1 RapIDMatic applicator

  • Offer is limited to new users of RapID Tags, determined by reference to the property identification code (PIC)
    listed on the order.
  • Purchasers are entitled to Offer 1 or Offer 2, depending on RapID Tag purchase volume, but not both offers
  • Free Applicators will be shipped with corresponding RapID Tag orders.
  • Limit of one Free Applicator offer per PIC. Offer cannot be transferred between PICs or redeemed for cash or
    other Allflex products, subject to the following. If, for whatever reason, the Free Applicators cease to be available
    for supply, then Allflex may substitute the Free Applicators for alternative products of equivalent or higher value.
  • Allflex is not responsible for any losses or damages, or delays in delivery of the products, which are caused or
    contributed to by the rural retailer or any third party.
  • This offer commences for orders received from March 1st 2024 and expires December 20th 2024 – RapID Tag
    orders must be placed before the expiry date but may be shipped after the expiry date.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of NSW, Australia