LitterMax Pig Tags

LitterMax NLIS Pig Breeder Tags (00598)
(For use on pigs that are on their property of birth)

LitterMax Breeder Yellow




The LitterMax Female and Male tags are best applied with the Allflex Junior Combi - LitterMax Applicator (22146). (Right)

LitterMax NLIS Pig Post Breeder Tags (00599)
(For use on pigs that are no longer on their property of birth and are not already tagged with an approved NLIS device.)

LitterMax Post Breeder Orange


Junior Combi LitterMax Applicator

  • The printed LitterMax Male tag is an approved NLIS pig tag option when applied together with a LitterMax Female tag in some states of Australia. Please consult with your local governing body regarding current pig NLIS tagging requirements in your area. Further information can be found on the Australian Pork website.
  • Available in yellow (Breeder) & Orange (Post Breeder)
  • Lightweight tag and unique plastic tip, specifically designed for piglets from birth
  • Enhanced plastics minimise the effects of biting and chewing
  • Designed to avoid over-application and infection problems
  • Enlarged panel for multiple marking capabilities
  • Durable laza marking



Colour Range

  • RED
  • BLUE
  • PINK
  • GREY

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