Small Male - 11

11W 300px

49mm x 41mm

The Small Male (11) is ideally suited to various applications, including cattle, sheep, goats and other species. 

It has high retention, a wide range of printing options and is generally used with a Small Female Tag. Use of the Small Female and Small Male tag combination means you can easily read your animals ID from almost any angle. 

The Small Male tag can be applied using an Allflex Identiplier, Universal or LazaMatic Applicator.

For application instructions including tag positioning, please click on either of the links below:

Manual Application

Automatic Application

11 Marking 300px

Colour Range

  • RED
  • PINK


Laza Marking

Large Female 06 with laza marking 132pxPermanent laser etching with flexible marking options. Allflex marking technology provides you with a range of custom marking options including logos, barcodes and line art.

Marking Tag Pens

Allflex marking pens ensure long lasting, highly visible marking designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Supplied with both fine and broad tips and available in two colours, white and black.