E Tagger Pro - EE-300-368

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The E Tagger Pro (EE-300-368) can be used effortlessly to apply any two-piece electronic or two-piece visual tags from the Allflex range. The Black Jaw insert should be IN when applying visual tags and OUT when applying electronic tags, to avoid damaging the tag on application.

Its simple trigger action and ergonomic design, reduces the effort, strength and endurance required to apply ear tags. Allowing almost anyone to take on tagging duties, due to the reduced need for physical strength.

EE 300 366 E Tagger Pro Belt Holster labelled 300ppi
The E Tagger Pro Battery Kit comes with a comfortable Backpack & Holster Set (belt), allowing the applicator to be secured quickly for ease of movement to assist in multitasking.

The E Tagger Pro Battery is fast charging and long lasting! Full charge can be reached in approximately 2 hours, with a usage time of at least 12 hours; allowing a full day of use, without the need to recharge or switch batteries throughout the day.

Remote Control front labelled 300ppi

The Remote Control Box provides many handy features; a counter (showing the number of tags applied since the last reset), a timer (showing the number of working hours since the last reset), a battery display setting (showing the battery charging levels). It even emits a series of 'BIPS' to indicate when the battery is low.

Due to the pure strength of this tagging device, we've developed a 'Safety Mode' feature that is accessible via the Joystick on the Remote Control Box. This enables the user to securely lock the tagging head during the loading process, rather than having to repeatedly use the Main ON/OFF Switch.

User Manual

Product Brochure

E Tagger Pro - Battery Kit (EE-300-368)

This kit is made up of the following items:

  • EE-300-363: E Tagger Pro - Applicator
  • EE-300-364: E Tagger Pro - Battery
  • EE-300-365: E Tagger Pro - Battery Charger
  • EE-300-366: E Tagger Pro - Belt (Backpack & Holster Set)
  • 01256: Black Jaw Insert
  • 03645: Spare Applicator Pin