Julie McDonald - MDH Pty Ltd

As a member of a beef cattle grazing family in outback Queensland, I have lived and worked in the far reaches of our state for 17 years, working alongside my husband and his family to breed, fatten and sell boxed beef and beef cattle both domestically and abroad, and for many years we have used the Allflex products with great success.

The products, sales service and availability of reps to talk is outstanding and has been since day one. I guess this could be considered pretty much standard practice in a business that is run by practical, passionate and driven people, however it is my personal experience with those at Allflex over the past 3 years that sets this company and its people apart.  

In March of 2013, my husband lost his life following an accident on our remote cattle station. There are simply no words that can convey just how devastated we were, or how steep my learning curve was about to become in these years that have followed. With four daughters, a supportive family and a great deal of work to do, I chose to stay at home on the property and get stuck in. As my formal training was in business and finance, my baptism of fire was to be in beef production! Genuine offers of assistance across a broad range of areas came to me from Shane McManaway, Pat Gunston and Andrew Doljanin from Allflex. Through their help and the help of many others, my knowledge and "agricultural confidence" has grown exponentially, and through Allflex and the Allflex supported PPP group, my networks in the greater agriculture arena have expanded to include some truly inspiring people.

In addition to this support, in mid 2015 I contacted Allflex with respect to helping a small community group in Outback Queensland to host a conference for the benefit of the education of isolated children. As a result, Allflex became a diamond sponsor of the event and attended as a show of support.

I truly cannot speak highly enough of the level of friendship, support and professionalism shown to our family by those at Allflex. 

Julie McDonald - MDH Pty Ltd

Julie McDonald - MDH Pty Ltd.