As a member of a beef cattle grazing family in outback Queensland, I have lived and worked in the far reaches of our state for 17 years, working alongside my husband and his family to breed, fatten and sell boxed beef and beef cattle both domestically and abroad, and for many years we have used the Allflex products with great success.

The products, sales service and availability of reps to talk is outstanding and has been since day one. I guess this could be considered pretty much standard practice in a business that is run by practical, passionate and driven people, however it is my personal experience with those at Allflex over the past 3 years that sets this company and its people apart.  

In March of 2013, my husband lost his life following an accident on our remote cattle station. There are simply no words that can convey just how devastated we were, or how steep my learning curve was about to become in these years that have followed. With four daughters, a supportive family and a great deal of work to do, I chose to stay at home on the property and get stuck in. As my formal training was in business and finance, my baptism of fire was to be in beef production! Genuine offers of assistance across a broad range of areas came to me from Shane McManaway, Pat Gunston and Andrew Doljanin from Allflex. Through their help and the help of many others, my knowledge and "agricultural confidence" has grown exponentially, and through Allflex and the Allflex supported PPP group, my networks in the greater agriculture arena have expanded to include some truly inspiring people.

In addition to this support, in mid 2015 I contacted Allflex with respect to helping a small community group in Outback Queensland to host a conference for the benefit of the education of isolated children. As a result, Allflex became a diamond sponsor of the event and attended as a show of support.

I truly cannot speak highly enough of the level of friendship, support and professionalism shown to our family by those at Allflex. 

Julie McDonald - MDH Pty Ltd.


Mt Doreen Station is located 400kms North West of Alice Springs in the Tanami Desert. We have found Allflex NLIS tags to be the best on the market for retention and after sales support. 

We were lucky enough to have trialled the E-Tagger during 2015 and found it to be a fantastic product! We were able to tag cattle in the race quickly and efficiently, saving us time in loading and processing cattle. Being electronic, the tagger is easy to use even on the toughest Hereford ear! All of our staff male, female, experienced and inexperienced, were able to use it with ease, meaning we were able to rotate staff in the yards better. We also used the E-Tagger during branding which saved us time and was easy on the operator!

We would recommend the E-Tagger to customers in big & small operations alike, it stood up very well to the dusty conditions in the yards and had no problem holding battery charge for a full day tagging. 

Matthew Braitling - Mt Doreen Station, NT

Greg & Sally Chappell operate Dulverton Angus along with the Currawee Crossbred program at “Shannon Vale Station” Glen Innes NSW. For the last three years over 1000 stud cattle have been DNA sampled annually with the Allflex TSU sampling technology. Allflex TSU technology has greatly improved the quality, efficiency and accuracy of DNA sampling compared to taking tail hairs.

The TSU samples are used for genetic evaluation with Zoetis, parentage verification and genetic disorder testing for Angus Australia through AGL/ UQ and the Chappell’s are investigating the use of the TSU for pesti-virus testing as well.

Sally Chappell says the greatest benefits have been the elimination of cross contamination; “tail hairs are messy and dirty although we keep the work area clean there’s hair and dirt all over the place – it only takes one hair from another animal or a dirty sample to contaminate the sample and your accuracy of parentage is compromised. With the TSU there is absolutely no chance of the sample being contaminated. The TSU has provided a guaranteed back up policy for DNA samples, until recently labs had been charging extra to handle tissue samples but this is no longer the case so hair samples will no longer be required, we’ll never take tail hair samples again” said Sally.

Greg Chappell says “taking DNA samples from the ear is the better end of a beast to be working at; cattle on good feed have pretty shitty and messy tails so it makes sense to sample the ear tissue.

Our staff like doing the job, it’s so simple, quick and clean.

The TSU is quicker and easier, with tail hairs you don’t always get the hair bulb especially in older cattle which are more difficult to sample so you’re just wasting time” said Greg.

“Storage is simple easy and clean too, I put them in the cool room until I want to send a batch to the lab. The wet TSU guarantees the samples won’t deteriorate in storage or transport” said Sally.

Another small but useful benefit is the small hole left by the TSU sample on the near side ear. It’s ideal for tagging the Matching Management Tag, “Animals don’t pull their head away when the tag is applied – less stress on the animal and us” said Sally.

Greg & Sally Chappell - Dulverton Angus

Macquarie Wagyu is proud of its hard earned reputation as the ‘Artisans’ of the long fed, lot feeding of ‘Wagyu’! However, these artisans see the advantages of carefully selecting and adopting certain modern technologies that complement their proven production practices. Anthony and Chantal are the managers at Macquarie Downs Wagyu and see the Allflex TSU as a big step up from hair sampling.

“We moved to the TSU at the end of 2013, before that we had only taken tail hair samples for DNA testing. At Macquarie Downs we are collecting DNA samples on all our full blood Wagyu and the time saving provided by moving to the TSU really adds up over so many head. We have moved from needing 5 guys at branding time to only 4, just by switching from hair samples to the TSU”

Its not just time that is being saved with the new sample collection technology.

“The TSU has removed any potential errors in recording from sneaking in, we also use a TSU that comes pre-matched to an NLIS and a management tag, that way there is no doubting which sample belongs to which animal. It can also get pretty windy out here, collecting tail hair in those conditions can be really hard, samples get lost, hairs are blowing around and there is the risk of cross contamination.”

“The TSU does cost more than a hair sample collector, but it is a premium product, its faster and definitely reduces stuff ups, Yes I would recommend it, its just bloody easy to use”

Anthony & Chantal Winter - Macquarie Wagyu

We have been using Allflex re-useable EID tags for 8 years, as well as other forms of visual tags. Since Allflex introduced the RapIDTag all in one tag (Visual, PIC and electronic) it has reduced our tagging costs and made our data collecting a lot easier and more accurate.

The after sales service offered by Ryan Scetrine has been outstanding and he is more than happy to answer any questions I may have and offer advice.

I would highly recommend and encourage the use of the RapIDTag to anyone who is thinking about collecting electronic data.

Matthew Dodds, Coddington Uardry Poll Merino & Roseville Park Dohne, Yeoval NSW

I use the Allflex FlockTag because of the high performance and retention it provides. The FlockTagger is easy to use when the correct technique is applied. Having direct contact with the Allflex sales representative helps with any form of support needed.

Charlie Bell, Taralga NSW

Ashby use Allflex RFID RapIDTags to collect objective and subjective data, accurately and efficiently. This data creates the information that enables current and future decisions for individual sheep; enabling rapid improvements in productivity and genetic gain in both the stud and commercial flocks.

Will Bennett, Ashby Merinos, Ross TAS

We have been using the new style RapID Allflex tags for 2 years now.

We have observed very good retention and nil “failure to read tags” across the 7,000 tags used in 2014.  The level of ear infection has also been reduced from the previous style of EID tag used.

I have also been very pleased with the level of after sales support from Ryan.

John Sutherland, Manager, Pooginook (Paraway Pastoral), Jerilderie NSW

Over the past two years at Wanganella and Poll Boonoke merino studs we have used around 10,000 Rapid ID tags.  We have found them easy to put in lambs with very few lost tags.   At this stage in their use within our stud operations, we haven't had any not read properly.

Angus Munro, Wanganella and Poll Boonoke Merino Studs, Deniliquin NSW

I used the RapIDTag system on my lambs this year at tailing time, for the first time. Every tag has worked and is still working. When reading with a wand it is easily read and to be honest I cannot fault it. Its easy to apply, seems robust and I will be happy to continue to use this product into the future.

David Kain, Far Valley Dohne, Arthur River WA

I only do testimonials for things I am seriously impressed with & these tags are on that list.

The RapIDTags are the most reliable, and the most efficient electronic tags we have used. The 20 shot application gun saves heaps of time at lamb marking or mothering up time and we haven’t yet had a single false read. Very impressed!

Click here for more information on our RapIDTags

Chad Taylor, Mumblebone Merino Stud, Wellington NSW

We like the Allflex RapIDTags because their wide profile provides an excellent visual when we tag our lambs at birth.  We find they read extremely well using an auto-drafter or stick reader.  Their rugged, constructed post ensures they are not easily cut out by shearers.  

Matt Tonissen, Chrome Sheep Studs, Hamilton VIC

Performance recording stud and seed stock cattle requires an identification system that is robust and reliable. All calves at Nindooinbah are tagged within 24hrs of birth with an Allflex VID and a EID. These assigned codes stay with the animal for life and there has never been a situation were an animal cannot be identified. These innovative products allow for ease of management on animal identification, which is critical in any stud business.

Nick Cameron, Manager, Nindooinbah, Beaudesert

We have always used Allflex electronic and visual ear tags.

We have found them reliable with easy to read printing and colours. They have proven to have good retention and long life readability which is essential for our autodraft system in the dairy.

Grant Archer, Active Dairies, Tas, 2012 Australian Dairy Farmer of the Year

We use electronic tags to improve the accuracy of our records and to remove the human error in tag reading. Individual identification helps us to discover the superior animals in the stud through electronic tagging.

The Allflex team have been really helpful when ordering and reordering new tags. 

Hamish and Jock McLaren, Nerstane Merino Stud

Yavenvale Herefords have been proud users of Allflex tags for 13 years. We use the management tags in all our cattle (nearly 2000 head) and also use Allflex NLIS tags. We have found the LazaFX printing is clear and easy to read - it doesn’t fade while the non-stick surface makes a real difference, especially for bulls that love getting muddy and dirty.

Nicki Pearce, Yavenvale Herefords & Poll Herefords, Adelong

I have been impressed with the turnaround in delivery with Allflex. If I need tags in a hurry for any reason, they are here in a flash. Allflex provide us with quality NLIS and management tags. The ease of application makes tagging a low fuss and time effective operation. Other NLIS tags we have used in the past were inferior to the Allflex tags, complex and time consuming.

Allflex is our only choice of tags with prompt supply and quality customer support.

Jarrod Carroll, Rayview Park, Manypeaks WA

Sid Newham Rural Supplies have a very long and valued relationship with Allflex.

Allflex have been our exclusive supplier of our eartags needs over several years.

We have always found their products to be of an excellent standard, their logistics are second to none and their Customer Service teams not only know their products but are always prompt and willing when dealing with our enquiries.

I have found our area representative, Ryan Scetrine to always be approachable, professional and completely reliable in our dealings. Ryan returns calls, knows his products and is more than willing to go the extra mile when required.

Sid Newham Rural Supplies would highly recommend Allflex as a company to deal with for a long term profitable relationship.

John Seaman, Sid Newham Rural Supplies

Why do Elders recommend and sell Allflex tags? Because the product is second to none. The customer service can’t be beaten and delivery is always on time. That’s why our customers prefer Allflex tags.


Mark Meldrum, Livestock Production Sales, Elders Beaudesert

Nothing is ever a problem to the staff at Allflex. If we have a query or a difficult tag order they are very professional at helping resolve any issue. The quality of Allflex products is of a very high standard and we are confident to retail them to our customers. The aftermarket service that is provided is second to none, from the boss to the field rep and the staff in the office they are always there to help. We have a very strong and growing ear tag business thanks the Allflex team.


The Team, Town & Country Rural Supplies, Bathurst

I’ve been selling Allflex tags from way back in 1979 when my first job was working for the old Dalgety in Bombala as a merchandise salesman, having grown up on a property down there. That’s over 30 years of selling and recommending the Allflex range of tags. They are the No1 Tag in quality and reliability and have stood the test of time as being the best tag a grazier can put in their animals ear.

Graham Rutherford, Manager, Pro Ag Forbes

Having sold Allflex products for some time, it was good to know they walked the talk. The support was timely and thorough, reinforcing the image I had portrayed to our customers. Value isn’t only about the up-front price, it’s being able to count on them when you need to. I happily support Allflex products, having experienced their service first hand.

Luke Penna, Acres Rural Supplies, Baralaba

The days are very busy in my business so I need to have prompt delivery and in field service for my operation. Allflex ticks all the right boxes when it comes to electronic and visual tags.

For any information I may be requiring, my local Allflex rep is always willing to help out. With a feedlot and broad acre to fit in I can always count on Allflex for reliability.

Sandy Lyon, Willyung Farms, Willyung WA

Over the past 16 years dealing with Allflex they have continued to supply a quality product with great back up support to both the reseller and end user. Allflex customer service team exceeds all client expectations when getting tags out. This helps us deliver a quality product and service to our client. 

Robert McClelland, Landmark Copeland Medway, Yass

As a long standing stalwart of Rural Agribusiness in Southern NSW I have been a loyal and long term customer of  Allflex Australia. I started dealing with Allflex back in 1987 when I first started with Dalgety in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. The Allflex product has always been a consistent and reliable product. and at the cutting edge of technology. Over the years we have seen the humble eartag develop now into RFID electronic eartags allowing livestock record/details to be transferred with the sale of the animal and Allflex have always taken their commitment to R&D seriously. Allflex have always kept their product range simple, yet the products that have handled Australian conditions exceptionally well.

The service from Allflex is great with good on ground knowledgeable representation over the years and excellent customer service. The on-line ordering and tracking system with Allflex makes transacting business really easy allowing orders to be placed and followed up at any time.

Peter Dorsett, Branch Manager, Landmark Wagga Wagga

Allflex’s website is very easy to use with a step by step system that even first time users find simple, as the illustrations and management options are easy to follow. When customers ring us, we often use the online program to order the tags and talk them through the details to ensure we have the right tag for the right job. Once placing our own internal order number, we receive a notification email from Allflex confirming the order details, then another email notifying us of despatch. The turn around time is very quick, and are usually here within a week from ordering.

Mark Richardson, Green's Mandurama, NSW

We are grass roots Allflex customers and pleased to support such a company that is clearly dedicated to supporting us and fellow Australian producers. Allflex have built an excellent relationship with us and our commercial cattle clients over a number of years.

Prue Bondfield, Palgrove Charolais

At various times we have tried many of the manufactured tags and for the past 15+ years we have solely been using Allflex tags. Their durability and retention rate is outstanding and now that their pre-printed tags come with LazaFX marking they are highly visible in the paddock.

We also use Allflex tags within Team Te Mania, where our team members order the tags through our central office. It is critical that we receive timely service and support and for this I cannot fault the staff at Allflex. 



Tom Gubbins, Te Mania Angus

Due to the size of our operations and our constant drive to embed innovative solutions into our business we are proud to work with Allflex as our NLIS and ear tag supplier.

Troy Setter, Chief Operating Officer, AAco

We have found the Allflex products to be very reliable for readability through our feedlot and abattoir. The people in the business provide a high level of service and support whenever needed. I am happy to recommend Allflex products. 

Terry Nolan, Director, Nolan Meats

As a large retail store in the eastern cropping belt, livestock form a major part of our clients' farming mix. Allflex fill the identification requirements for all of our clients’ livestock enterprises, with high quality visual and electronic tags, and associated accessories. Their products are supported by a simple, highly efficient online ordering system and reliable logistics support. This is backed up by superior customer service, with attention to detail from staff both in the field, and at office level. I would highly recommend Allflex as your livestock ID supplier of choice. 

Brendon McCoullough, Branch Manager, Landmark Temora

Merlewood Angus has tried a few brands of printed ear tags and matching NLIS - in our experience Allflex is the best for retention in bull ears and for visual in all cattle. From now on we will ONLY be using Allflex.

Daniel & Anne Marie Barrow, Merlewood Angus, Mirboo North

Just a note to say thank you for the excellent service you have provided for us. We have had a number of requests for eartags urgently recently, and you have been able to supply as required. Our customers have been very impressed with the service. This makes you and us look good.

We rang one customer to advise that his tags had arrived the next morning, as promised, and his comment was "no way they are my tags, I only ordered them yesterday", however he came straight into town to collect them and was very grateful.

Thank you and keep up the good work.          


Sue MacMahon, Silmac, Bathurst (Kelso)